The Beauty of Life

Life is hard. And coming to terms with that…? Not always easy. Which is why I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and the blessings it offers. Those blessings, I have found, are what get me through the hardest nights.

Sometimes, in the midst of the hards times, I forget how blessed I am. I have so many lovely, loving friends. The opportunity to go to BYU – my dream school! I have been given the gift of a beautiful body from a God who cares (even if I forget it at times). I have a family that loves and supports me.

Most importantly, I have a loving Heavenly Father – one who understands and LOVES me, despite my setbacks and follies. I can’t even begin to to count how many times I have been delivered, or received a tender mercy from His hand.

So, what is life? It is a journey – a beautiful gift. We each get the opportunity to grow to be more like Christ. We get to be the blessing in someone else’s life – if we so choose. We get to wake up every morning with breath in our lungs, with beautiful, unique thoughts and ideas in our heads. We get to become whomever we want to be. We get to decide where this path will take us. We choose our actions. And we choose the people we get to know and love.

A lot of naysayers out there – at times, myself is included – do not see the beauty of life. “What’s the point?” they ask. “What is the point of this life we are living? It’s hard. Terribly hard. There are so many horrible things each of us go through in this life. Death. Sickness. Trials. If God loved us, why wouldn’t He make this life easy for us? I’m so TIRED of it all. So very tired.”

To those nay-saying thoughts, I first say, God does love you. We go through each of these things so we can enjoy the good times, and learn from the bad. The point of life is to feel – not go through it numbly, only knowing one emotion. It’s to learn and to grow. To enjoy and endure every second of it. It’s to touch a life and make an impact. To help the weary. To hold that precious, precious newborn child in your arms and know that life is precious, and that the opportunities we have here aren’t to be taken for granted. It’s to stand at the graveside of a loved one, knowing that you will see them again, that there is hope. It’s to achieve our goals, our dreams, our ambitions. It’s to better ourselves, and to allow others to help us along this journey.

There is so much point to this life, so much beauty, that it is almost impossible to describe. But I do know this. This life is a gift from God. No person – absolutely no one – is here by accident. We are here for a purpose. And you know what’s beautiful about that? You get to discover that purpose, and make it happen. You get to choose.

To each his own, but may we never forget the love that God has for each of His children. Because we are here to make the stand.

We are here to make the difference.

R. J. Carr


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