The universal apology that should be said to…yourself

To the person that is me:

These last few months have been hard.  Heck, what isn’t hard though?  Life is hard.  But you can do hard things.  Right?

I know I’ve been harsh on  you.  Sometimes too harsh.  I let the words of others around me bring me down.  I saw the evil in this world and fed it to you.  Nothing physical.  But thoughts.  Thoughts that seem so innocent at first until they grow into a massive storm, a storm that left you battered and torn.  I was mean to you.  Using cruel words.  Calling you stupid, silly, ugly, and nieve.  I was frustratd with you.  Why couldn’t you just get with the picture?  That’s what I asked you.  And it was unfair.  I’m sorry.  Sorry in a way I have never been before.

I let the world tell me that what I was telling you was okay.  After all, to them,  you’re not pretty enough…so I started to believe it.  I started to believe that the goodness that is you was not good enough.  That you were not good enough.  I started to think that something was wrong with you.  That you have a problem.  That your weaknesses are the problem.  I started to believe that you could not do it.  That you would fail.  I left you alone in the dark.  And I’m sorry.

I’m here today to apologize.  To apologize for all the impatience.  The harsh words.  The putter-downers.  No one should be talked to that way, especially you.  And who is the world to judge anyway?  They don’t know you.  They don’t know you like I do, anyway.  They only see the part of you that I let them see.  It’s for the best.  Not because you’re bad, no.  But not everyone is privelaged to see all of you.  Just enough for them to know who you are, the good person you are, and that you are not perfect.  The rest, the rest is saved for those who love you the most.  So don’t fear, you are seen, but only by those who truly love you.

You’re beautiful, I just want to say.  You’re successes, your weaknesses, everything.  You have so much goodness in you.  So many beautiful desires, dreams, and goals.  You’re desire to see the good in the world is amazing.  And your looks?  They are pretty hot too.  As is your whit, your charm, your smile.  You are you.  And I’m grateful for you.  For the impact you have on others.  For the willingness you have to grow and learn from others and to serve them.  For the pure love you have for the God that created you.  You are His child.  Don’t ever let my negativity bring you down.

Stay strong.  Be confident.

I love you,